Our Core Values

We are committed to exceptional legal service. We believe that attorneys should be accessible, responsive, and dedicated to the interests of their clients. Service to us means attention to the needs of our clients and our commitment to distinguishing our legal representation from all other firms.

Exceptional Experience = Exceptional Results

Since 2005 when McMahon Law Group and the Law Offices of David M. Serepca merged to form McMahon Serepca LLP (MSLLP), our firm has represented a diverse set of clients ranging from sophisticated individuals to multi-billion dollar public companies in their most challenging litigation and corporate matters. We have an exceptional record of success because our practice areas are led by experienced attorneys who spent the first decade of their careers learning their respective specialties at among the most prestigious law firms in the world.

We are committed to providing exceptional legal service. Where we separate ourselves from the large law firms from which we came is that because we are a boutique-sized firm we are able to provide much more personal attention to the needs of our clients at half the cost. We believe that attorneys should be accessible, responsive, and we are dedicated to distinguishing our legal representation from all other firms.

Litigation / Counseling /

The primary focus of our litigation practice is defense-side cost-effective representation. Our trial teams have achieved exceptional results, including multiple defense verdicts, summary judgments, and extraordinary injunctive relief. We also provide strategic counseling on all matters relating to how to best prepare for litigation and/or achieve successful pre-litigation settlements. We are known for our aggressive ethical advocacy.

  • Trade Secrets
  • Employment Law
  • Business/Fiduciary
  • Commercial Litigation
  • General Counsel

    We also advise operating companies on handling all aspects of general legal compliance, administration, and employment counseling, including coordination with and/or management of other counsel.

    Corporate / Commercial /

    We offer a full-service corporate and transactional practice and regularly represent clients across a broad spectrum of business matters in which we have extensive experience. We represent all categories of participants in transactions, including buyers, sellers, major stockholders, lenders, financial advisors, management, special board committees, venture capitalists, individual investors, private equity funds, and others.

  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate and Securities
  • Real Estate and Commercial
  • Transactions and Regulatory

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